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After a night out in Long Island, my family and a few friends decided to go and have a late night bite to eat. Applebees (maybe?) was the cheapest and closest place to eat, so in we went. Because it was close to Halloween, a few of the waiters were in costume. I want to say that our waiter was a guy dressed up in a fat suit with a pink ballerina costume over it.

Our booth was having a good time. The people in the booth next to ours, not so much. The whole time we were there, the other booth kept sending back food because it was too cold, too hot, supposedly not the right order, or just not to someone’s liking.

Then the really bad attitude comes when the check comes. The booth almost chomps ballerina’s head off. Most of the time they keep shouting “I don’t understand this bill!” If they didn’t like a particular dish, they wanted that cut out. If they got “the wrong order”, that had to be cut too. Also, the prices were “not clear enough” when they really were. They refused to pay the full amount of their bill. Ballerina handles them like a pro, and goes to his manager. The bill is cut by however much. Still, the other booth is unhappy with the price. Eventually, they decide to pay up but they leave out a tip.

When our booth was finished, one of our friends jokingly said “I don’t understand the bill!” We all had a good laugh and left ballerina a nice tip.