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(I overheard this exchange while at another teller window at the bank. The customer is an older man wearing somewhat eccentric clothing.)

Teller: How would you like your cash, sir?
Customer: Hundreds and two fifties.
Teller: Here’s your cash. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

(The customer looks at the new blue hundred dollar bills and is shocked.)

Customer: What is this? The money is blue!
Teller: *joking* It’s monopoly money, sir.
Customer: *doesn’t get the teller is joking* What?
Teller: Oh – no, it’s real. They’re the newer bills that are harder to counterfeit.
Customer: How long have they been in circulation?
Teller: About two years.

(The customer left and still was baffled at the update in currency. For a man who just withdrew $700, I’m surprised he had never seen them in two years!)