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(I am a worker at my local Starbucks this is a interaction I had with a mother and her daughter who seemed to be about 7)
Me: Good morning I’m Mackenzie what would you like?
Mother: Tell the lady what you want sweetie.
Little Girl: I want a vente coffee (vente is large)
Mother: Okay one of those and a grand- grend-
Me: Grande? As in medium?
Mother: yes that one coffee. Do those come with cream and sugar?
Me: No that is on the side table.
(I point to the table with the extra bits)
Mother: Okay then that’s it
(I ring her up and she pays as I make the coffee I hand her the coffees)
Mother: My goodness this is a big cup for a small size (pointing to the grande)
Me: Actually that is the medium the one you daughter wanted, the vente, is a large.
(The lady started to yell at her daughter in French this didn’t surprise me as they sounded French)
Me: Ma’am if you are going to raise your voice at you daughter I’m going to have to ask you to leave.
(She leaves the store carrying her coffee and throwing her daughters in the trash. The daughter begins to cry and the mother made her walk home, as they live in the flat complex a block down. I never saw them again.)

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