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(My friend and I are on our bus waiting to go home from school. We sit right in front of this classmate of ours that has gone to the same school as us all through our education career. She can be very abnoxious, annoying, and we don’t typically like her, but my friend nor I have ever said anything to her. This particular day, however, we were completely fed up with her ignorance and immaturity, and the following occured right before the bus was about to leave the school pickup lanes)

*Classmate in her friends being very loud in the back of the bus*

Classmate: “…And I told her how much of a f****** w**** she is. Like oh my gosh who the h*** does that? I swear…”

Bus driver: “Everybody please sit down, we are about to start heading out.”

Classmate: “Hey, bus lady shut the f*** up b****” *laughs and high fives her friends*

Friend: “[Classmate’s Name], please sit down and quite being rude. I want to go home.”

Classmate: “Shut up you virgin, I can do whatever I want!

(She proceeds to remain standing and taunting my friend, then she HITS my friend in the face with a seatbelt seconds later.)

Classmate: “How do you like that you rachet b****?!”

(Having my friend injured, I stand up, being done with my classmate’s crap.)

Me: “[Classmate’s name]… I don’t know what the h*** is wrong with your attitude, but you need to sit down and shut up.”

Classmate: *Making a fist* “DON’T TALK TO ME LIKE TH-”

*I cut her off*

Me: “You have been a pain in the a** since elementary school. Trying to act tough by swearing in between every other word, constantly harassing people, being a bully, when in all reality, you are making yourself look like a complete moron.”

Classmate: “BU-”

Me: “You are very loud and openly cruel, and most of us are tired and just want you to be quiet so we can have a peaceful trip home.”

Classmate: *stuttering in anger*

Me: Further more, I know you’re not not a virgin, you drink, you don’t keep good grades, and as I mentioned, you’re very rude. I certainly don’t want a friend like that, and I’m not sure why these baboons in the back want to be yours either. That’s why I’m friends with [Friend] and not a w**** like you. In the end, [Classmate], you are nothing when all you’re trying to do for yourself is looking intimidating. And yet that hasn’t worked out for you either, because between you and I, I for sure could kick you across a field as easily as I can kick a soccer ball. Now that I have pretty much exposed you out of anger, will you please do as the lovely bus driver told you to do?”

Classmate: *Turns bright red and sits quietly down*

(The whole bus applauded, and the bus driver thanked my friend and I as we got off at our stop. The classmate hasn’t made a fuss since!)

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