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(I have invisible disability that make walking difficult and stairs are a long pain. I’ll avoid them as much as possible. I have to go two floors up. I don’t know this building, so I arrive at the closest door I was instructed by the original directions I received. I’m trying to find the elevator but I don’t see any. I stop the first person I see:)
Me: “Excuse me? Can you tell me where’s the elevator?”
Person #1: *sigh* “…yeah it’s over there, keep going, you’ll find it.”
(By the tone, and his face expression you can tell he think I’m just lazy. It’s nothing new. I keep walking but after a while I think I must have lost my way, so I ask another person.)
Me: “Excuse me? Can you tell me where’s the elevator?”
Person #2: “Yes, keep going in that direction, you’ll reach the cafeteria, at the far left corner you’ll see [restaurant], it’s just past there.”
Me: “Oh… it’s that far away.”
Person #2: *frowning* “No, it’s just over there, past [restaurant].”
Me: “Okay, thanks.”
(I know what she wasn’t understanding is that, for her who doesn’t struggle with mobility it’s close by, but for anyone who does struggle, it’s far. Notice I’m not even in the same wing I started in anymore. I finally reach the elevator. There’s a neon pink sheet stating “Taking the stairs is a good way to make your thirty minutes of exercise a day!” and the elevator is locked. Good luck to everyone in a wheelchair, with a walker, on crutches, using a cane, or is injured, in pain, pregnant etc.!)