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(I’m ringing at a restaurant that serves souffles for breakfast. It’s an hour after we open, but it’s always pretty slow. Because of this, we only ever bake a few souffles to start with. A woman approaches my till and sighs loudly.)

Woman: You don’t have any!

Me: I’m sorry. What exactly did you want?

Woman: *rolling her eyes* You don’t have any ham souffles! Why not?! Every time I come in here, you never have any ham souffles, but always have lots of cheese souffles!

Me: I’m sorry that we ran out – I do know that particular batch of souffles had only a couple ham souffles to start with, and someone else came in and bought those when the store first opened.

Woman: Well this is ridiculous! This happens all the time! Can’t you just make me another one?

Me: Unfortunately, it will take about twenty minutes to make another batch. If you can’t wait that long, you can always pick from the other three types of souffles available at the moment.

Woman: No, I only want ham! You should really bake more of them you know. I come in here all the time and there’s always more cheese souffles than ham ones! Why can you never get it right? Let me talk to your manager!

Me: Certainly; one moment, please.

(I get my general manager, and apparently the customer and the GM have discussed this in the past.)

GM: As I’ve said before, our souffles are made in batches and therefore we cannot make more if we have plenty of the other types of souffles. If you wake up one morning feeling like, hey, you want a ham souffle, you are welcome to call us ahead of time, and we will be more than happy to set one aside for you. I apologize that we have run out this morning, but if you are willing to wait, we can make another batch of souffles in twenty minutes since we only have a few of the other souffles left.

(The woman seems to think we should be able to read her mind and know what days she will want to come in, so she shouldn’t have to bother with calling, but in the end, she decides to wait the twenty minutes. Approximately 18 minutes go by when she comes back up to my till in a huff.)

Woman: This is taking too long, so I’m just not going to get one! You really should make more of the ham souffles!

(She flounced out of the store, just as her souffle was about to come out of the oven! A month later, I saw her at a different location and she was still complaining about their ham souffles and saying that my store would never make them right and would never listen to her.)

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