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( A customer pushing a trolley with a tv in it and his wife next to him approached my checkout)

Me: “Hello. How are you?”

Customer: “Hi, just this please”

(The customer points to his wife who is holding a block of chocolate and she hands it to me)

Me: “Very well”
(I scan the chocolate and ask if he wants the tv scanned as well)

Customer: “Oh no. We already bought this earlier from your entertainment department”

Me: “Oh okay. Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “It’s in the car”

(It’s store policy that we see a copy of the receipt if a customer claims they bought something earlier, especially if they claim if it’s from the entertainment department asit has it’s separate checkout)

Me: “Oh okay. Store policy states that we need proof of purchase if it’s bought earlier or if it’s from the entertainment department. If you would just leave the tv here and go grab the receipt from your car, then I can let you go”

Customer: “No. I’ll take the tv with me and go get the receipt from the car and bring it back to you”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but it’s store policy. It’s not worth my job to let you go”

Customer: “NO. Listen. I will go get the receipt from the car and bring it back to you. Why is that so hard?!”

(This captures the attention of the duty manager on duty. He approaches me and the customers)

Duty manager: “What seems to be the problem *my name*”?

Customer: “This stupid girl won’t let me take this tv that I bought earlier with me. I have told her the receipt is in the car. I told her I will bring the receipt back. She said it’s store policy that she sees a receipt.”

Duty manager: “*my name* is correct. So please leave this tv here with us and go get the receipt”

(The customer and his wife curse and yell and leave the tv, along with the block of chocolate at the checkout. They never came back. Turns out this customer has tried this trick before)