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It’s been stormy, causing the power lines to be faulty in the projectors and screens. One customer comes downstairs very angry about the failure of commencement of her movie.

Customer: (storms up to the counter and places down an empty popcorn bucket and beer cup) I want a refund on this!
Coworker: Um…
Customer: I only got to see 10 minutes of this before your movie screwed…up!
Coworker: (gets manager)
Manager: What’s the problem?
Customer: I want a refund on this food!
Manager: We can’t give refunds on food.
Customer: Your movie only played for 10 minutes before it screwed up! I didn’t get to finish it! I want a refund on this food!
Manager: We can’t refund food.

The customer continues to go on about how this is wrong and she wants her money back. My manager eventually gave up and gave her a refund in order to get her to shut up. Several more customers came out and requested refunds on their tickets, but no more were like her. Several of my coworkers and I had a laugh, though!