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Occasionally on my way to work I stop and get my breakfast from a food place a couple of minutes away from work. I’ve just entered and placed an order and I am off to the side waiting for my sandwich. This is the sort of place you pay before you receive your food. The two employees at the counter are serving a pair of ladies, and one man who looks to be in his thirties and is in a nice looking suit. I’m actually playing a game on my phone until I look up and hear the following:

Male Customer: Why did they [the two ladies] get their food before me?

Employee: Well my colleague was serving them and-

MC: I ordered before them! This is outrageous!

Note: not only did both of these orders take less time than mine, i.e. about 2 mins tops, but he is literally being handed his order as he is saying this. And remember, he has already paid. He continues to shout over her for about a minute or so about him being in a hurry.

Employee: Sir, I’m sorry, but here is your- [tries to give him the food]

MC: [Shouting now] Never mind, keep it! I’m never coming back!

The sandwich is left on the counter, and I sympathise with the lady at the counter. Shortly, as I am receiving my order, we hear angry footsteps approaching. The man comes back in, snatches his sandwich up, glares at every person around him, and stomps back out. I promptly cracked up, as did the customer behind me and one of the ladies at the counter. I hope whoever he was working with that day didn’t suffer like the ladies working here did, and just wish I had the wits about me at the time to say to him ‘I thought you said you were never coming back’!