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(I am working Box Office this time with only one other person. My General Manager called the other one not to come in because we had been slow all week. As it is Saturday and storming, we get swamped. Customers are to the parking lot , and we have to ID everyone as we have 6 R-rated movies going on. To say the least, my co-worker and I are already upset. Then comes a knock at the Box Office door. Thinking it’s my other co-worker having been called in, I go to open it only to be faced with two very large, angry men. Immediately I’m mad because Box Office is essentially a safe. They both hold up their tickets to me.)
Man #1: You guys gave us the wrong ticket!
Me: If you go around to the front, we can get those exchanged for you.
Man #1: I’m not getting back in that line for you to fix your fucking mistake! Give me the right ticket!
Me: I cannot do refunds through Box Office door. You have to go around.
Man #2: You won’t fix your fucking mistake? I’m not getting in that line!
Me: Then I’m not exchanging your ticket.
(I shut the door in their faces to return to my customers only to see them go to the back of the line, wave their tickets at me, then cuss at me over the line of customers, through the glass. I wave at them and take care of my customer. They stomp off yelling at me again.

Later the very same night, a young boy and a teenage girl come up to my line where I am the only employee left. They try to buy tickets for an R-rated movie, for which I ask for their ID.)
Girl: I’m seventeen and he’s thirteen, but I’m his aunt.
Me: Are you his legal guardian?
Girl: No, I’m his aunt.
Me: Does he live with you?
Girl: Yes, he lives with my parents who are his guardians.
Me: Then you are not his guardian, and I cannot let him into this movie.
Girl: Why the fuck not?
Me: We have a policy that states –
Girl: Fuck you and your policies! Go fuck yourself!

(I had to call a manager on her to make sure she didn’t sneak the boy into the movie. They stomped off.)