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(I work at a gas station part time or at least at the time I did. A lot of the customers would come in buying tobacco products so we had a whole wall Behind the register dedicated to it. I don’t smoke so im not too familiar with the brands. I had only worked there for 2 months and unfortunately i have this habit of turning into a statute instead of fight or flight. please note we do not exchange or refund tobacco products the second it goes out the door!)

Customer: I need one [cigarette brand and Flavor] please.

Me: Sure just a sec. *I find the pack and show it to her putting it in full view if I was any closer my hand would have been inside of her head.* Is this what you asked for?

Customer: Yes *looks up form her purse and goes back to getting her wallet form her purse*

(I rang up the cigarettes give her the change and she leaves, out the door in full camera view with them. about 30 minutes later she returns. takes me about half a second to recognize her. )

Customer: these are not the ones i asked for can i exchange them.

Me Im sorry mam we cant do exchanges or refunds if you leave with the product.


(my coworkers excellent hearing picks up this old lady’s raise in volume and steps in knowing at this point i froze up and am literally unable to respond mean wile the old lady is still yelling at me and accusing me of stealing her money witch is not helping my situation at all. my coworker explained to her that she saw the transaction and that she had confirmed i gave here the correct pack . The old lady just turned up her nose and left in an angry huff. we never saw her a gain after that.)