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*I’m working at a popular paint store, helping out a large group of regular commercial customers who work in a family business. I grab two boxes of caulk and carry them to their trucks*

Customer 1: Come on man, can’t you carry more than two boxes?
Customer 2: Yeah, [ female manager of my store] can take five caulks at once!

*I head back inside.*

Me: Man, those guys with [ paint company] are assholes.
Manager: Why what did they say?
Me: I don’t think you want to hear it.
Manager: Tell me.

*I tell my manager, who immediately turns red. She rushes out the door and I hear her yelling, but can’t make out what she’s saying. She comes back in minutes later, still fuming. Thirty seconds later two of the older customers from the group come in, dragging the two who made the jokes.*

Customer 3: Our sons have something to say to you.

*The sons apologize, and my manager warns them not to let it happen again. The customers all leave.*

Me: Damn, what did you say to them?
Manager: I told them that they can act like professionals and treat me with respect or find a new place to shop. You can’t let customers treat you like that.