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I had shown up about 10 minutes before the store opened since I was the morning jewelry person that day. Our store has an outside door which leads into a vestibule and then there’s another set of doors that actually leads into the store. We leave only one door open for the outside set for the associates to get into but then you have to wait after pressing a doorbell for the second door to get unlocked by someone inside so random people won’t come in while we are closed. As I’m waiting, I notice a woman and her teenage daughter come up and try to open the outside door.
Me: Ma’am just so you know, the store is closed and won’t open for another ten minutes.
Customer: Then why the hell is the door open?
Me: It’s so the associates can get into the building and wait in here in case it’s raining.
Customer: It’s incredibly misleading and I don’t like your attitude.
Me: I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do.
She then storms away with her daughter trailing after her. I have no idea what they needed so bad at 8:30 in the morning.