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I have been at the store for two weeks. A customer comes over with two different scrub sets.

Customer: I am looking for scrubs in this color , but in this style.

Me: I can help you. What size are you looking for?

Customer: I come in here all the time . (insert manager’s name) knows my size.

Me: I am sorry, but (manager’s name) is currently not here. Now what size are you looking for?

Customer: I came in two months ago and ordered scrubs. Go look up my name.

Me: Sir, you never told me your name, nor do I know your size.

Customer: How do you not know who I am? I told you I was in here two months ago.

Me: I have only been here two weeks. Either tell me your name, size, or leave.

Customer: Oh…my name is…

How hard was that?