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I was with my college roommate at the university’s food-court grille getting burgers for lunch. Since she has a VERY unusual name, she will just give them some other name to call for the order. Note: almost all workers in the University food court are students.

Cashier: Name?

Roommate: Jenna (not even close to her name)

At the end of the line, the last worker calls out the name.

Line cook: Jenna!

(My roommate goes to pick up her burger, and the line cook looks at her funny and then says the next part in a sarcastic “haha very funny” tone)

Line cook: Here you go, “Jenna.”

We walk away somewhat confused until it dawns on her.

Roommate: Oh no. I just figured it out. That’s the guy that was hitting on me in human physiology. He asked for my number, and I turned him down. He probably thinks that I lied to him about my name, too.