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(I have worked in a grocery store for five years. One day, my shift as a cashier ended at 7. I’m cleaning my register, the CLOSED sign is up, and the light is up. A woman approaches my register.)
Woman: I have a problem.

Me: What can I help you with, ma’am?

Woman: These deli items are supposed to be 3/$15, and they didn’t ring up that way. You guys need to fix this.

Me: (Right away, I can sense this woman’s b***** attitude and wanted to refuse service, but as someone who regularly works as a manager, I cannot, sadly). Okay ma’am, let me take a look at it.

(I figured out that the problem was that the deli department had put the wrong sticker on her ham, incorrectly identifying it, and the cheese was the wrong kind. I inform the woman of it.)
Woman: Well, fix it then!

Me: Of course, ma’am. I’ll take these back and get the right things for you.

(She rudely slams the things into my hands and I run off. I get the correct items and stickers and take the whole thing to the Customer Service counter, informing the woman that they would help her. The woman starts angrily snapping her problem at the Customer Service worker. I stand around a bit, sort of hoping for a ‘thank you’ or something of the like. The woman ignores me. I walked away after staying 20 minutes after my shift had ended to help this rude woman.)

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