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(Our store offers a service where you can send a money order payed for at one location and have it filled out to be picked up at any of our other locations. This exchange happened between to guys while i was processing an money order for one of them who explained that it was for his ex-wife)

Customer: I’m serious bro don’t ever get married.

Bro: i wasn’t planning on it.

Customer: (with a serious face and tone) No seriously don’t ever get married.

Bro: Dude seriously I–
(customer cuts him off)
Customer: Just listen to me, Don’t ever get married.

Bro: (with a smile on his face) Dude I’ve been dating my girlfriend longer than you’ve known your Ex-wife.

(I couldn’t help myself i broke out laughing as i handed him his receipt, and he just stalked away from the counter)

Bro: (still smiling) Have a nice day mam