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Me: Welcome sir!
Costumer: Don’t call me sir, miss… missus… what are you?
Me: I’m single?
Customer: What? Why?!
Me: Well if I chose to pursue further in my education, so I’m not really looking for anything….
Customer: Well you should quit school and let loose! Sooner or later you’ll be use for breeding!
Me: …. what?
Customer: You’re a girl! You’re gonna get knocked up and have kids so there’s no way you’ll get a job! May as well start early!
Me: …. I’m sorry sir, but my mother told me that while as great as romance is, education is more important.
Customer: You’re mom could have said that, but I bet she played around a bit! Heck I bet your dad ain’t even your real dad! Women are better at this cheating business ya’know?
Me: *At this point I’m speechless*
Customer: So ah…. you looking for a lover?
Me: No.
*Even now, I’m not even sure if this is just a terrible joke or if he was serious*