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(My dad and I are from Portland Oregon and we are in Idaho attending a camp, my dad is a counselor so we arrived early. The camp has a talent show and the counselors do a portion, this year its a cross dressing skit, and it was rather funny at that. This scenario takes place as we buy his get up in Idaho.)

Cashier: OK, is this everything for you?

(Note that he is obviously a Mormon, its very common in this part of town.)

Dad: Yes, that’s all, thank you.

Cashier: *as he bags the clothes which are huge and baggy, I am a fairly small girl at the time* These couldn’t possibly be for you?

Me: Nope! *thinking nothing of it*

Cashier: Then… Your mother?

Me: No?

Dad: Well they’re mine of course!

Cashier: *sputtering about and looking completely flustered and confused, like it was the most unnatural thing in the world*

My dad and I just crack up and walk out of the store.