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I was at my register ringing people up, when I noticed a woman standing against the wall waiting to talk to someone.
Me: Can I help you with something, ma’am?
Woman: Yes, I’m here for an interview for 2:15 PM.

Our district manager was not in that day, so I was confused as he is the only one who does interviews, hiring, orientation etc. I grabbed my radio and called for my store manager.

Me: [Woman’s Name] says she’s here for an interview at 2:15. Is [District Manager] in today?
Store Manager: “No he’s not. You said she’s here for an interview??”
Me: “Yeah. She said she went online and filled out an application and it said to pick a time for yesterday or today and she picked today at 2:15.”

My store manager comes up to talk to the lady and as I see him approaching I tell the woman that he’ll help her and I go back to ringing. As she was leaving I realized a crucial component of our conversation…
We don’t have online applications.

After she left my store manager came over the radio.
Store Manager: “By the way, that woman from earlier was lying.”