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(I am the customer in this story. I have been driving across the state since yesterday. I head out again this morning from my hotel and stop for breakfast at a gas station chain that also sells food. I am not familiar with these places and how things work here. I have place a Made-to-Order meal and have been standing in front of the pickup counter for almost 10 minutes waiting for it to be made so I can take it to the register and pay. I just assumed this is how things are done because that is what I am used to from back home.)

Attendant: “Order number 742!”

Me: “That’s mine!”

Attendant: “Okay. I just need your receipt.”

(Hands her the ticket the machine printed with my order on it and my order number.)

Attendant: “Oh no. I need your receipt from the register.”

Me: *nervously* “Wait what!? I don’t pay after getting my meal”

Attendant: “No I am sorry you pay first and then pick up your food.”

Me: “Oh okay.”

(I go to get in line for the register only to notice a group bus has stopped at the station. Easily 20-30 people have gotten off the bus and filed into line at the registers. After having waited so long already I dejectedly head to the back of the line. Thankfully the kind attendant sees me.)

Attendant: “Oh no. You have been waiting long enough already. Come with me.”

(She takes me up to the front of the line.)

Attendant: *to cashier* “She got a MTO but didn’t realize she had to pay first. She has already been waiting long enough so just ring her up quickly. Thanks.”

Me: *to both cashier and attendant* “Thank you very much! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be *that* customer. I just didn’t know things were done differently here than from what I am used to back home. I really appreciate this.”

Attendant: “It’s no problem at all sweetie. Have a great rest of your trip and drive safely!”