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(I work in the box office of a movie theatre. On this particular afternoon we had a popular kids movie. We charge for any child two and over. At this point in time we I was the only white employee, the rest were black or hispanic).

Customer: Hi I’d like one adult ticket to [kids movie].
Coworker 1: Sir, you have two children with you, how old are they?
Customer: This one is three, and this one is five.
Coworker 1: Unfortunately you have to pay for tickets for them.
Customer: Why? They are too young to remember the movie and they’ll probably sleep through it anyway?
Coworker 1: They are taking up seats, they are required to have tickets. If you refuse to pay for them I can’t sell you a ticket.

[Two minutes later]
Customer: What theatre is showing the 2:00 [kids movie]
Coworker 2: Can I see your ticket?
Customer: No, I’m meeting someone up there and they have my ticket.
Coworker 2: I am unable to give that information without a ticket.
Customer: Is this because I’m black! You think just because I’m black I’m a thief.
Coworker 1: *walks over* Sir you didn’t want to pay for tickets for you children so you aren’t able to buy a ticket.
Customer: You guys are a bunch of racists! Get me your manager.

*Manager arrives*
Customer: They are refusing to sell me a ticket because I’m black! They are racists, the whole company is racist.
Manager: Sir, as you can see we are an equal opportunity’s employer. We have people here who are black, white, hispanic, disabled, etc. My employee told me that you wanted to buy a ticket just for yourself and not for your children. We can’t do that. You can buy tickets for them or get out.

[We all agreed that he picked the worst day to claim we were racist considering I was the only white employee]