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(It’s the second-to-last-summer-weekend. My dad, my brother and I are coming from buying uniform clothes for the approaching schoolyear. After we leave the clothes store located on the 2nd floor, we head to the first floor of the mall, where the majority of the mall’s stores and restaurants are. We look for the nearest shoe store, which is located by one of the mall’s entrances. I’m looking for a new Jordan release in a size 12, men’s.

Me: *Finds the sneaker on display and hands it to the employee as I say* “Excuse me, do you have these in a size 12?”

(Three minutes or so pass by when the employee returns.)

Employee: Unfortunately, we only have these in size 10, because we’re a smaller store.

Dad: Do you know about any other shoe stores that might have what we’re looking for?

Employee: Um, you could try [Mall 15 minutes away], seeing how that store is much larger.

Dad: Ok, thanks.*Puts the shoe back on the rack I found it on*

(My dad, my brother, and I leave and go to another shoe store in the same mall that I suggest as an option. This one is next to a McDonalds. As we go into the other store, we think nothing of the music playing until we hear multiple f-bombs and other explicit words. Note: There are at least 5 people under 18, me, my brother, two children of another family and a young child by the store entrance. Once my dad heard what was being said in song that was playing, he called for us to leave.)

Me: *wide-eyed expression of shock after finding out that store plays explicit music*
“I did not know that place does that.”

(We leave to go to [Mall 15 minutes away] but before we leave the parking lot, we stop by the fast food restaurant near the entrance/exit to the mall’s parking lot. We eat inside and leave to go to the other mall. When we got to the shoe store in the second mall, we found the shoes I was looking for in my size. Later that day, my stepmom’s family came to visit from New York.)