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(The phone rings and I answer it.)
Me: Good evening. This is [my name] with [office name]. How may I help you?
Caller: What? Who is this?
Me: [Office name].
Caller: Who?!
Me: [Office name]. My name is [name].
Caller: What do y’all do?!
Me: We’re a counseling office…
(Note that ‘counseling’ is part of our name.)
Caller: Well, why’d y’all call me?!
Me: Uh, you called us, ma’am.
Caller: *snotty* I know that! But I had a missed call from this number!
Me: *thinking, “how am I supposed to know that if you don’t say so?”* Well, uh…did someone leave a message with their name?
Caller: *irritated* I don’t know how to check my messages.
Me: I’m afraid there are about a dozen people who could have called you, ma’am, and I have no way of knowing who it was.
Caller: *getting even more irate* Well, can you FIND OUT?!
Me: I, uh…may I have your name please, so I can ask around?
Caller: *doesn’t answer*
Me: Well, when was the call missed? *figuring I can narrow down who might have called her based on who didn’t have clients when this woman got the call*
Caller: I don’t know! Just find out who called me!
Me: Were you maybe expecting a call–
Caller: Wait, do you have a [lead counselor’s name] there?
Me: Yes, yes we do.
Caller: Oh. It might have been her.
Me: Okay, may I say who’s calling?
Caller: *finally gives me her name*
(I give the call to the counselor, who fortunately isn’t in session, and try to figure out how I was supposed to find who called her without any information to go on.)