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(My store gets a lot of foreigners coming through who don’t really speak or read English well so we have to kind of guess what it is they want. One day I was a cashier on an express register (10 items or less) and an Asian woman comes through and puts her 4 items on the belt. I scan them through)

Me: Alright, that’ll be $24.29

Woman: No, too expensive. Take it off.

Me: What would you like me to take off ma’am?

Woman: Pears say $0.99 each!

Me: No ma’am, I assure you that in the 2 years I’ve worked here that they have never been sold individually.

Woman: Fine, whatever. Take it off!

(I take off the pears)

Me: Alright that’ll be $22.28 now.

Woman: Better. (she rummages through her purse and pulls out a wad of cash. She proceeds to hand me a $100 bill. I just stood there staring at it before giving her her change.)

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