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(working at the drive thru of a popular fast food restaurant when we get a customer. I take the order and my colleague is listening on the headset.)

Me: welcome to (name of restaurant) drive thru what can i get you today?
Customer: Yes i would like your iced strawberry lemonade.

(i look very confused as we don’t sell this product. I confirm withmy colleague and he nods.)

Me: I am sorry Ma’am but we don’t sell that product here.
Customer : yes you do it’s advertised everywhere.
Me: I’m afraid we don’t sell it here can i offer you another drink instead?
Customer : Fine a Cola
Me: Anything else for you today?
Customer: One of your 99p burgers.

(another thing we don’t sell)
Me: I’m afraid the cheapest burger we do is £1.39
Customer: (shouts) no its not.
Me: (getting agitated) yes it is do you want the burger or not?
Customer: fine.
Me: drive thru please.

(she drove through and right past the window shouting she had changef her mind without even stopping and i then had to void her order. My colleague lokks at me and goes.
Colleague: She know this isn’t (other chain restaurant)
Me: I don’t think she did