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(I work at a grocery store chain that’s pretty big here. Our competitors went on strike so our business is crazier than normal. I am ringing out a customer who has a week’s worth of groceries. I finish ringing her out and I begin to bag her items. The customer behind her has a bottle of Soda.)

Customer Behind: Yo, hurry the f*** up! I’m very busy!

Me: I’m sorry sir, I’ll be right with you once I finish bagging her order.

Customer Behind: *Starts pacing back and forth like a caged animal* Listen I’ve got to get the f*** out of here. Hurry the f*** up!

Me: *turns to customer I’m helping* I apologize for this. He apparently doesn’t know how to wait in line.

(The customer leaves and I cash him out)

Me: That’ll be $1.75

Customer: The f***? That’s too expensive. Nah, you’re playin.

Me: I’m sorry sir that’s the price.

Customer: Man this is some bullsh**. *Storms off and out of the store after snatching the receipt from my hands*

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