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I am working at the reception when a client comes up to me holding two room keys.

Customer 1 : Hi, one of these keys is to my room and the other is my friend’s room key. They’re not working could you tell me which is which ?

Me : Sure let me just check that for you. (scans the keys) Ok, well it turns out these are both for the same room. If you give me the name on the reservation I could look up the room numbers and make you a new key.

Customer 1 : Alright. The name is [name] or it could be under [name].

I search the system and find a reservation for three rooms. Only one is checked in.

Me : Sir, I’ve found the reservation and you’ve booked three rooms. One of your friend’s has already checked in and those are his room keys. It would appear that you haven’t checked in yet. We can do that now. Then I’ll give you your room key for whichever of the two rooms you prefer.

Customer 1 : Which one is my room ?

Me : Well rooms 22 and 23 are still available. Which one do you want ?

Customer 1 : Just pick my room for me.

We do the check-in.

Me : Alright so your room will be room 22. Down that hall and to the right.

Customer 1 : So my room number is 22.

Me : Yes. Down that hall and to your right.

He starts to leave then stops for a second and seems to think hard before coming back.

Customer 1 : What was my room number again ?

Me: Your room number was 22, sir. Down the hall and to your right. (points him in the right direction)

He walks off and a few minutes later a seemingly lost client walks up to me.

Lost client : Where is the reception ?

I shoot a brief incredulous glance at my surroundings and the big sign above my head that reads ‘RECEPTION’ before answering.

Me : Um…here sir.

Lost client : (visibly relieved) Oh good, that’s convenient !

He then walks AROUND the desk to talk to me and plops a heavy looking suitcase down on the counter.

Lost client : Could you keep that for me ? (and starts to walk off)

I catch up to him and lead him to our luggage room. It is located behind a locked door in a small corridor. The corridor has a plain white door on each side that read ‘DO NOT ENTER. EMPLOYEES ONLY’ and straight ahead a green door with a window that leads to the rooms. After having deposited his luggage….

Lost client : (turns around to walk straight through the other white door, disregarding the ‘DO NOT ENTER SIGN’) Is my room this way ?

Me : No sir ! That’s for employees only ! The rooms are through this green door right here.

Lost client : Ohh, right.

At that moment Customer 1 walks right out the door with his room key. Seeing me he starts to complain loudly.

Customer 1 : This room key doesn’t work either ! It won’t open the door to my room, room number 23 !

Me : Um…sir ? That’s because your room number is 22 not 23.

Lost client : (intervenes) Yeah man, 23’s my room ! Come on let’s go.

They both walk off. It turns out that they were both friends and in the same party.