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I am the customer in this story. I was on a weekend outing with my young son in the city and we decide to go to a popular fast food chain for lunch. I have not been to this place in a long time as I prefer their competitor. As we approach the counter this exchange happens.
Cashier: ” Hi welcome, what would you like?”
Me: ” Hi yeah I would like ( other fast food chain meal deal) please.”
Cashier: ” Umm we don’t sell those here.”
Me: ” What!? It is one of the most popular meal deals you have! It is lunchtime, on a weekend and your trying to tell me you have run out?”
My son: “Umm mum…”
Me: ” Just a second sweetie…. (Back to cashier) Or you do not know your own menu? What is wrong with you?”
Me: “I am so sorry I am not with it at all today. We will have ( Correct meal deal).”
Cashier: ( Obviously on the verge of laughter) ” No problem, I have had worse. That will be ( total) and for you young man for keeping your mum in check you get to pick another toy with your meal.”
I have never been so embarrassed. And if the cashier is reading this, again I apoligize for being one of those customers.

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