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At the restaurant I used to work the floors were swept and mopped twice a day. I began mopping after the lunch rush and was stopped by an elderly woman sitting in the corner of the building at one of only two occupied tables.

Customer: Did you have to start right here?

Me: I already cleaned the rest of this section of the restaurant, ma’am. I just need to get this little area and I’ll be out of your way.

Customer: Take that somewhere else! Someone who enters could slip and fall!

Me: It all dries up pretty fast, actually. Besides, we’ve got wet floor signs out to warn anybody who might come on.

Customer: Look, I don’t want to have to listen to mopping sounds while I’m trying to eat. It’s gross and it’s rude!

Before I had the chance to respond a coworker calls me back to the front line. I excused myself and moved the mop bucket to a location out of any customer’s way. When I make it back to the front I start explaining to my manager what just happened. Two sentences in I see the woman dash across the floor to throw away her garbage (Later inspection revealed she had no leftovers) before leaving for the day.