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(In Scotland, shops are required by law to charge 5p for a bag to cut down on waste. This has been the law for almost a year now. I am in a shop which is a good place to buy slightly expensive but good quality gifts, waiting to pay for my one item. The elderly gentleman in front of me has over checked out over £100 worth of items.)
Cashier: “That’ll be [price]. Would you like a bag?”
Elderly customer: *scoffs* “Of course!”
Cashier: “That’ll be [new total 5p higher] then please.”
Elderly customer: “What? Since when do I have to pay for a bag?”
Cashier: “It’s the law, sir. We have to charge 5p per bag. It came into effect in October last year.”
Elderly customer: “Well that’s just ridiculous! I need a bag! How else am I supposed to carry all this?”
Cashier: “I’d be happy to provide you with a bag, sir, but I will have to charge you 5p extra.”
Elderly customer: *now shouting and waving his hands agitatedly* “No! I refuse to pay for a bag! I’ve never had to pay for a bag! I want you to give me a bag!”
Me: *stepping in because the cashier looks frightened and upset* “Look, mate. It’s the law and it’s only 5p. Please stop shouting and just give her the money.”
Elderly customer: “This is theft! I will not pay 5p! It’s a matter of principle! You WILL give me a bag! Now!” *He leans over the counter aggressively. At this point a manager comes up and tries to diffuse the situation. The customer repeats his request to her, and demands that she fire her cashier.*
Manager: “Sir, my cashier is required by law to charge 5p for any bag requests and has therefore not done anything wrong. Please either pay for your items, purchase a bag, or leave immediately.”
*The customer proceeded to yell and scream for another 5 minutes before security removed him, without his items.*
Cashier: *To me* “Sorry for the wait.”
Me: “That’s fine. I don’t understand why he made such a fuss about 5p when he was willing to spend over £100 on things anyway! Good on you for handling things so calmly!”
*The rest of the line of customers all chimed in with compliments and apologies and hopefully we made up a little for the awful way she was yelled at before.*