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(I work at a movie theater/restaurant with a very strict no cell phone policy. I’d noticed that a woman has been standing outside of one of our theaters for quite some time, talking to someone on the phone. There’s nothing wrong in her doing this, seeing as she’s not in the theater. I return later with a tray full of food to deliver to the theater, and the woman is still on the phone. As I approach, she flags me down.)
Woman: Sir, hello, excuse me! Could you tell him about your cell phone policy? Here, I’ll put him on speaker phone. (She taps the speaker phone button and holds the phone in front of me.)
Me: Oh, um… Well, we have a very strict no cell phones policy during showtime, you’ll receive a warning from a manager and then you’ll be thrown out without a refund if you are a repeat offender.
Another employee: It’s no tolerance.
Me: Yeah…
(The lady returned to her phone call, clearly angry at who she was talking to, and promptly hung up on him. She apologized and thanked the two of us for helping.)