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(I’m a relatively new to working at a popular café, but since most people will get coffee every, I recognize a few familiar faces.  A group of my regulars will come in almost every day, and be very nice, leaving me a good tip, and making conversation while the wait for their drinks.  Every Sunday they come in together to watch a popular fantasy/medieval esque show that’s got a bad rep. for being particularly violent and showing some nudity.  No one is really bothered by it, and they are nice and tend to be quiet, so we don’t really worry about them, until one day. . .)
Women: Hey! Hey you!
Me: Oh yes, ma’am? Your drink should be ready in just a minute.
Women: No, no.  Those people over there; they aren’t allowed to watch that ungodly show in here are they?
Me: Well no one’s really bothered by it, but if they’re being too loud I’ll be happy to ask them to turn it down.
Women: But, surely they can’t watch that in here?  It’s practically p*rnography!  You should kick them out!
Me: Well, ma’am, they really doing anything wrong, so there’s not much I can do.
Women: No, no.  You’re no help.  (turns to my group of regulars) What do you think y’all are doing!
(One of my regulars looks up, but rolls his eyes when he understands why the women is screaming and goes back to watching.)
Women: Look at yourselves!  You’re all going to hell!
(I’m about to ask the women to leave when regular #1 practically leaps to his feet, to the surprise of his friends.)
Regular #1: My god, she’s right!
(He storms over to me, blowing off the screaming women, and slams his coffee into the trash can)
Regular #1: (Women) is right, by god!  I waste so much money on coffee.  Thank you for showing me the error of my ways.  I promise to you, you wonderful women, that tomorrow I will go out and buy my own coffee machine.  Thank you so much for imposing your unwanted charity upon me, oh thank you!
Women: What? No! Are none of you of the book?
Regular #2: Nah.  The shows so much easier; plus, who has time to read all those books?
Women: Augh! No! are none of you men of god?
Regular #1: Which one?
Regular #2: Yeah, there are so many in the show it’s hard to be sure which one people are talking about!
Women: NOOO! There is only one god!
Regular #1: Isn’t that what (character from show) always says?
Regular #2: Oh, yeah!  It is! Sorry lady, I’m not a huge fan of him.  He’s kind of a massive condescending t***.
Regular #1: Kind of like you, ma’am!
(Regular #1 and #2 laugh and high five, while the women storms out of the café, screaming about how she’ll take her business to out competitor, and that we’re all going to hell.  A few minutes later, I realized that the women wouldn’t be coming back for her already paid for drink, so I gave it to the regular #1 on the house, who admitted to me that he planned to continue coming here, and that he did not, in fact, plan to get a coffee maker.)

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