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We were a few weeks out from our busy season and received a call from a customer to book a room for herself and her spouse. Rooms in our town are difficult to book during this season, and we have a strict cancellation policy on our web site, which we refer customers to after informing them about the details on the phone.

This guest arrives and parks in the front drive, she and her husband come to the front door, but seem rather hesitant. I answer the door.

Me: “Good afternoon, I’m (my name). Welcome to (our bed and breakfast).”

As she makes her way through the door, followed by the man wearing the camouflage hat,
Her: “Is that your van parked out front?”

Me: “Yes ma’am. Is there a problem? Do I need to move it for you?”

Her: “It’s yours? With the Obama sticker on it?”

Me: “Yes ma’am. That is who I am supporting in this election.”

I immediately saw that she was not impressed with my choice, but I would just make it a point to steer breakfast conversation away from politics and concentrate of sharing some of the great visitor opportunities in our area.

After showing them through the house, and showing them their room, we wound up back at the front door, where I offered to help them get their luggage brought in and indicated where parking was located. As I opened the door, she looked me directly in the eye with the most blood curdling look and stated, “I cannot stay with a bunch of baby killers” as she pulled the door out of my hand and stormed off the front porch back to her car.

I charged her card for being outside the published cancelation period. Apparently our credit card processor wasn’t willing to deal with her, and we lost the income for that room for the weekend.

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