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*note* I work at a living history museum with lots of buildings, some original to the period we interpret, some reconstructions, most hold priceless antiques from the period as well..for this reason pets are not supposed to come into the buildings, lots of people plus really old stuff…however service animals are permitted….but to avoid any discrimination suits, we are not permitted to even ask to see the papers, let alone challenge anyone who comes in with a dog claiming it is a service animal, even if it is really obvious they are lying and taking advantage of laws that are supposed to help people who legitimately do need service animals**

*I am working at the entrance to the building, and I note a guest (GUEST) with a Pug dog coming inside the property, the Pug is pulling like crazy on the leash, no vest, doggie bags in wait…clearly NOT a service dog. I approach my colleague (Gate) who is checking tickets at the gate of the property)

Me: *quietly* “a pug?”

GATE: “apparently it is a service dog….”

*we shrug, I return to my post by the door of the building and another colleague (GUIDE) comes out to take the next tour through the building, I inform GUIDE that there is s a “service pug”..that is clearly not a service dog. GUIDE goes over and converses with GATE, with similar results with mine, the goes to gather the tour.*

GUIDE: *to GUEST* “Is that a service animal?”

GUEST: yes

*GUIDE brings tour inside, muttering under breath to me that GUEST is clearly lying, but of course, nothing we can do, “service pug” comes up the rear, so GUIDE asks the only other question we are permitted to ask*

GUIDE: “What service does it provide?”

GUEST: “Oh, it’s to help with my eyes..”

*enters with tour and door closes*

*face palm*

moral: if you are going to lie about a service dog, at least make it somewhat credible in “service”, otherwise you may end up on notalwaysright!