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*I’m the customer in this story*
I recently had ordered some motors for a particular project of mine, and i had managed during the ordering steps to enter the wrong postal address (a PO BOX). Note that they intended to ship though TNT rather than generic post. I subsequently tried to ring to attempt to fix it. I assumed the worst and tried to ring Aus Post to see how i could get the package set to the proper PO BOX. This is the phone call that happened after waiting for a solid 30 mins to get in line for an operator.

Operator: “Hello my name is …. and what can i help with today”
Me: “Ye, i recently ordered some motors online, but i managed to send it to the wrong address PO BOX 3718 rather than PO BOX 3716”
Operator: “OK, do you have an shipping ID or tracking number there?”
Me: “No, i shipped with… Crap” *Having realized that was using TNT and not Aus Post* “I used TNT, oh no i’m one of ‘those’ callers, haaaaa…”
Operator: *slowly dying of laughter* “Nononono, its fine… Have a good day”
Me: “Ye thanks, at least it will be the quickest call of the day!” *click*