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(I am on the returns desk for a major electrical retailer, and am known for having a no nonsence attitude to difficult customers. Im currently serving a customer and theres a small line)

Man: Hi this radio dont work and I want an exchange

Me: Ok, if youd like to get in line and I’ll serve you when I can

Man: Sorry, Im late for football practice, I need to be quick

Me: As I said, Im serving another customer right now, but I will be with you shortly

Man: Hey, Ive just been signed for Gillingham FC! So serve me now!

Me: Good for you! Back of the line!

Man: I get more a day then you do a week! Im a professional sportsman god damn it!

Me: Well right now youre a professional jackass! And all the money in the world wont save you from me booting your ass out the door! So you got two choices, back of the line and show some bloody respect, or the door! You got five seconds before I come out from behind here and choose for you.

(Ive never seen anyone run so fast out the door in my life)

Customer: Thats a shame, I was looking forward to seeing him get booted out

Me: Yeah same here *to my feet* sorry guys, maybe next time

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