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(I’m watching my younger cousin while my mother is at another part of the store shopping. Note: I’m sixteen and tall-ish, my cousin is five and kind of short.)
Me: Come on (cousin), we have to go to the line to meet (mother)!
Cousin: No! I want to play with the toys!
(My cousin runs to the back of the toy section and continue playing. Frustrated, I yell his name.)
Me: (Cousin)! COME BACK HERE!
(I turn to the direction he went and am about to go there when I notice a woman looking at me strangely. Thinking she needed help or something, I go to her.”
Me: Yes?
Woman: You should be ashamed of yourself, not having control over your child like that! (snorts to herself) Well, I’m sure your n***** parents had no control over you!
Me: Excuse me?
Woman: And look at you, all rude! Ugh, you n****** are all the same!
Me: Miss, if you could let me explain-
Woman: There’s no excuse for your behavior!
(At this point, my cousin comes back, asking for a bathroom)
Woman: He shouldn’t even be with you! You’re such a bad role model for him. Here-(the woman kneels down so that she’s eye-level with my cousin and talks in babyspeak) Would you rather be stuck with your mommy or have a nicer mommy?
(My cousin, who is also gifted for his age, looks confused)
Cousin: My mommy’s in North Carolina. My daddy’s out with (uncle’s name), but I’m here with my Aunt (my mom’s name) and my cousin! (He looks up to me and hugs my legs.) And I like (my name) better than you!
Woman: (red-faced) Oh…um… (she hightails it out of there)
(We go meet my mom at the checkout line and tell her what happened. She files a complaint to the manager, who bans the woman from that store, and then my mom buys a chocolate bar for my cousin for sticking up for us!)

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