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[I’m 16 and a girl. In early 2013, I opened my own art studio. Im the only one who owns it. I have 5 other people working for me at this time. It was currently 9/11 rememberance day, so I put up art from around the community depicting survivors views of the towers. A costumer walks in.]
Costumer: Hello, I would like to see the owner.
Me: For what purpose sir.
Costumer: I would like submit a sculpture for the 9/11 memorial.
[For security reasons and because its Washington D.C., each and every painting, sculpture and mobile sculpture has to be screened for any potential explosive devices or detonators.]
Me: Alright,Im the owner, bring it in the back here and lets screen it through.
[ I have two security officers that work with me.]
Costumer: Im sorry but that won’t be possible. [ At this point, you should never say that since it tends to put some people on edge.]
Me: Why?
Costumer: Its not with me.
[ I can see the officers beginning to get nervous.]
Costumer: ITS IN MY PANTS.
[He drops his pants, shocking all the survivors as well as the children of some of the survivors, yelling, his d*** was on fire. After sending apalogies to everyone present, I banned him from coming within 500ft of my studio. We now have increased security during 9/11 remembrance day.]

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