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( I work in a pizzaria but I’m a classically trained singer, we have decided on this particular night to stop orders before closing time because our baker had an exam the next day)
Me: *cleaning the counter and humming*
Customer: *slams $50 on the counter* I need a large pizza and 50 wings
Me: *startled* sorry, we aren’t taking anymore orders tonight, our baker has gone home for the night, we were just about to lock up
Customer: what!? I’m a paying customer!
Me: oh in that case…
*sings * we’re closed for the night I’m sorry to say!
Our baker went home for the day.
*waves* goodbye sir, see you next day! We open tomorrow at 11am!
Customer: *stomps out in a huff*
Waitress: *peeks around from the kitchen while counting her tips* …that was the nicest way I’ve heard someone say we’re closed!

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