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(I’m working on the floor when I spot a couple with their seven year old daughter when I hear this.)

Father: I don’t think this is the right blue.

Mother: And there’s a pattern in this one, we should look for a solid.

Me: *approaches them* We have a lot of solid blues over this away.

(I show them our selection of solid colors and explain the prices.)

Me: So what are you making?

Mother: Our daughter wants to be Katara for Halloween.

Me: From Avatar? Sweet! Can you show me some bending?

*The girl gives me a huge grin and starts doing some bending moves like in the show*

Mother: *laughs* You should see bath time, it gets really interesting.

Father: And she marathons the show almost every day.

(We have a good laugh and I help them pick out what the colors and calculate how much they needed. I saw them again a year later and this time the girl wanted to be Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon. And she still does bending in the bath tub.*

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