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(A customer calls up about their business insurance policy. The office I work in usually routes their business through brokers or agents, but it is far from uncommon to hear directly from customers. I’m running through the charges, then we get to the tax at the end. The customer is following along so far, but then asks me to re-calculate the taxes again and again.)

Me: “Okay, so the policy comes to a total of $5,000,” *making up a number for the sake of the story* “With the GST added, that comes to $5,500. Now we add the state Stamp Duty of 1.5%. This brings the total to $5,582.50. Now the Fire Services Levy…”

Customer: “Wait, you’re adding the stamp duty to the price after adding GST?”

Me: “…yes, sir”

Customer: “But you’re ripping me off. Is that how your company works”

Me: “That is how taxes work, sir.”

(After a back and forth for several minutes, the customer hangs up, saying he’s going to talk to his local member. I was sorely tempted to send him a link to the Australian Tax Office, but let him dig his own grave.)

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