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(A coworker and I were both working at the registers checking people out, and my transaction ended before hers. The customer was being checked out by my coworker, and there was no line so I paid attention to her transaction out of interest.)
Coworker: Ok ma’am your total is $*total*.
Customer: *swipes card*… Wait no I don’t want that shirt it’s too much.
Coworker: Ok then sign for the purchase (we have to finish the transaction and void it after, which will then refund)
Customer: I don’t want to sign for it because then it will charge me! I don’t want to pay that much! Just go back and take the shirt off!
Coworker: Yes but I need you to sign and then I can go back.
Customer: No! When I sign it will charge my card and then I can’t take the shirt off!
Coworker: I need you to sign to finish the transaction then I will call the manager to come-(the manager does the voids)
Customer: YES call the manager! You are being rude (she was being polite) and you do not know what you’re doing! (I was about to interrupt to straighten her out but the manager came.)
Manager:(sees the screen, which will not let anything else happen until the customer signs) Ma’am I need you to sign so I can finish the transaction and then void it after, it will refund your card.
Customer: SO SHE LIED TO ME!
Coworker:(politely but slightly defensive) I didn’t lie, I told you the manager would come void it after you sign. Right? (turning to me)
Me: Yes, you have to sign it.
Customer: *ignores me and signs* This is horrible customer service, she lied to me and I better not  see this charge on my card!
Manager: *refusing to look at the customer, staring at the screen and doing the void* Yes ma’am I will do an adjustment and just take off the shirt, it will credit $*amount* back to your card.
Customer: THANK YOU. (she’s silent until the manager finishes and hands her the adjustment receipt.) She needs to learn some customer service!
Manager: Yes ma’am I will speak with her after you leave.
*woman leaves*
Manager: What a dipsh**. *Manager walks away*

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