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I am finally checking in a guest who was able to find a parking spot in the parking lot of the business next door that was closed for the evening, after spending several minutes arguing with me over both the rate she was supposedly quoted and the fact that the Corporate reservations line supposedly told her we had truck parking, which we do not.  While we’re talking there is a sudden rush and I have a line of people out the door waiting to check in, so I’m trying to get her checked in quickly.

Guest: “I’m going to pay with cash”
Me: “Ok, well we do require a $100 deposit for cash”
Guest: “Here’s my debit card, but I’m going to pay with cash.”
Me: “Alright, that’s fine”  *swipes card and it declines* “Um well it’s not going through, did you have another card?”
Guest: “No, but the 800 number didn’t tell me that I would have to pay one!  I even told them I would be paying cash.”
Me: “I’m sorry, they probably didn’t think about that since they generally book reservations over the phone with a credit card, but our policy is that we have to have.,.”
Guest: “I’ve been driving all day, my husband just got the truck parked, I’m not going anywhere else tonight.  Most places don’t make me pay a deposit though because I use [major review website]”
Me: *clarifying with her, but loud enough for the 10-12 waiting guests in the lobby to hear* “Uhhh…you never pay a deposit at hotels because you threaten to review the hotel on [major review website] if they make you?”
Guest: “Yep, uh huh”

I realize at this point that she would not be making any concessions and she was not leaving for another hotel without a fight, which I didn’t have time for as the line grew longer and longer and the phone continued to ring off the hook.

Me: *With a big fake smile* “Um, well…alright, I’m going to go ahead and make a one time exception for you tonight as a courtesy…since you’re so unwilling to pay the deposit…but just know that it is standard practice for all hotels to request a deposit for incidentals.”  I then finished up the transaction, was able to authorize $1 deposit on her debit card, and then assigned her one of our worst rooms available.

Once she got what she wanted she was very pleasant the rest of the evening, and even exited the pool at exactly closing time!  I was preparing myself for another fight over that…