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(I’m the waitress from this story ,since the year that story happened (2009), I’ve since gotten married, and had a daughter only 8 months ago. I’m craving a sundae from the take out down the road and have walked down to get it.)
Me: *is waiting behind a young man to order*
Older man: *pulls into the parking lot and gets out, walks right up to the window, cutting everyone in line*
Customer 1: Uh…sir?
Me: Don’t bother…he won’t listen.
Customer 1: *surprised*
Older man: *raps on the window*
Cashier:  *opens the window moments later*
Older man: Oh look, someone is in there!
Customer 2: Hey now!
Me: Ah don’t bother…*knowing where this is going*
Cashier: *looks directly at the older man* I have other orders to take, and may take a bit, you can wait.
(Note that by now 2 more people have joined us)
Older man: *huffs*
Me: Ah take his order. Apparently his time is more valuable than ours.
Customer 1: Not like someone here has a baby to get back to.
Me: *smiles a bit but tries and hides it behind my finger because I know he’s referring to me*
Older man: *huffs and promptly goes back to his car, SLAMS the door and speeds away*
Me: Impatient much?
Customer 2: Hey…how did you know how he was going to act?
Me:…I worked in a restaurant…
(and yes, that sundae was yummy!)