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, | Unfiltered | June 15, 2019

(A weary looking man comes in.)

Me: “Hello.”

Man: “Hi, what is your rate?”

Me: “We’re sold out.”

Man: “Hm! Really? Ok then.”

(I’m starting to think this this is one of those rare customers that gets it on the first try. He turns, takes a few steps, then stops. Then he goes right back to me. Oh no.)

Man: *frowning* “So you don’t have any rooms?”

Me: “Yes that is what I said.”

Man: *suddenly VERY irate* “THAT IS NOT WHAT YOU SAID! I SAW YOU GRIN THROUGH THE MIRROR!” *point to lobby mirror*

Me: “…”

Man: *suddenly deflates* “So you really don’t have any rooms?”

Me: “No.”

(He leaves, defeated. Next time, buddy, make a reservation!)