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(I work at a gas station that sells, among other things, lottery tickets. I didn’t remember this guy until after the event, but this isn’t the first time he’s done this.)

Customer: *hands me his lottery card*
Me: *runs it through the machine to print his tickets*

(The machine prompts me to type everything in manually. I looks at the ticket and see that he’s sloppily marked all the boxes, going outside of the lines, so the machine can’t read the tickets.)

Me: “Sir, could you please go fill out another card? The machine won’t read these ones.” (He has quite a few tickets filled in and would take me a while to type everything in.)
Customer: “I don’t feel like doing that. I don’t have time, just type it in.”
Me: *internally sighs and starts to type everything in*

(A long line starts to grow as it’s around 5pm and people are getting off work and wanting to go home. After and excruciating 7 minutes of getting his tickets through the machine, I ring him out and bid him a good day. He leaves without so much as a thank you.)