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(I’m watching two suspicious looking men browsing at the men’s clothes before the taller and bulkier one comes to the till)

Man: I want a discount on these items!

Me: *Raises an eyebrow* I can’t give you a discount. its company policy.

Man: But I am homeless! Have you not seen me on the streets?! You are a charity, you should be giving this stuff away for free.

Me: *Puts hand on his hips* No I haven’t seen you on the street and i’m sorry about your situation…But you are in a Charity Shop. Shop being the word of importance meaning you have to buy the goods in it. I still can’t give you a discount, it is company policy.

Man: But you get this stuff for free!

Me: And the money gained from selling it goes towards the terminally ill.

Man: Hmph! Fine.

*He then proceeds to take out a giant wad of £50 notes and pays for the items with a £20. More than enough money to put a deposit on a house or rent somewhere to live for quite some time. Clearly lying.*

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