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(There’s a group of men who stay in our hotel 365 days a year. Their company pays for it. All of them are ok, except for one. He is mean, has a thick Southern accent so we can’t understand him, and likes to go around in his underwear and scare the little children. His family’s the same, if not worse. One day he walks down to the front desk with no clothes on!)

Me: “Uh, Mr. [Guest] you can’t go walking around without no clothes on!”


Me: “Ok, but please, sir, go put some clothes on, there are families with little children here!”

Guest: “WEKKIP.”

(He ignores me pleas and gives me a toothless grin. Behind him, a mother and child see him standing with no clothes on, gasp, and hurry away. I wrote a note to the manager about what happened, but the manager insists on not kicking him out because the rest of his crew don’t do that!)