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Many years ago, I was a department supervisor at an organization that had several technical and R&D departments. All supervisors had to attend a weekly get-together with the boss, to describe any pertinent happenings, and listen to the weekly pep talk and warnings.

One week, the boss was out of town, and the Deputy Boss chaired the meeting. Deputy Boss was known for his long-winded talks, that might or might not apply to anything else under discussion.

The supervisors quickly gave their updates, and Deputy Boss started his “informational presentation.” On and on… several of us were trying to stay awake.

Eventually, Deputy Boss started to make some closing remarks, so I closed my notebook, put my pen in my pocket, and tried to continue to look attentive. Deputy Boss then looked at me, smiled, folded his hands over his notes, and continued his speech for 20 more minutes.

Deputy Boss also wanted to “screen” any briefings we gave to visiting dignitaries. We had to give him copies of our written text as well as copies of our visuals.

One day, I was told to set up a briefing for a visiting dignitary and followed the procedure. On briefing day, Deputy Boss gave the introduction to my topic. Guess what … he used MY visuals and much of my written information!

I then stood up, smiled at the dignitary, and said something like, “Deputy Boss has told you a lot about [topic], and some of these slides will look familiar, I will go over the topic quickly, and you can ask me any technical questions that might have arisen when Deputy Boss introduced me.

The dignitary smiled, and Deputy Boss stared at the presentation screen, I finished the briefing in record time, and all ended well.

Deputy Boss was actually a nice, and intelligent guy… but, he really liked to talk, even at the expense of upstaging his minions.